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hairstyle by peggy adkins

2010 new trendy hairstyles

Most people still consider their hair their crowning glory and what better way to flaunt it than with trendy hairstyles

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If you keep abreast of the current hairstyles you will find that trendy comes close to being the top options of hairstyles across the world.

Short hairstyles are not only easily managed, but sleek and sexy if you want that look, as well as being casual and feminine. The option is yours when you are considering short hairstyles. Trendy is in and it includes short and cropped.

Give yourself a totally new look, overhaul your tresses with the latest sexy short hairstyles. Millions of men and women everywhere are choosing short hairstyles that allow variation, and ease of use. Low maintenance is the key to being the most popular trendy hairstyle, and there are plenty of short hairstyles to choose from!


Long trendy hairstyles are just as abundant, and call for many different techniques of styling. You only need to consider the amount of time you have to invest in your hair styling routine, and go from there. If you have plenty of time, then an in depth long trendy hairstyle is the one you might want to try, something with a lot of detail, and calls for plenty of work. Most people prefer hairstyles that require little to no time or maintenance.

2010 Hairstyles bang for hot

Hairstyles with bangs are in! Bangs in all shapes, forms, and lengths are the new look from fringes to choppy, and soft wispy to hard layers. 

Bangs say it all for a hair cut whether long, short or mid-length. The trick to wearing hairstyles with bangs is to find the one that perfectly suits you and helps to hide any flaws you may have, while drawing attention to your assets. If your hair is already long, and you would rather keep the length, long hairstyles with bangs are still an option!

Actress Monica Cruz launches Mango-Fero Foundation T-shirts to h

There are numerous hairstyles you can choose from and still keep your hair long. Again, it all comes down what assets you are trying to draw attention to, and what flaws you are trying to hide. With long hair, you have more of a chance at layering the bangs to graduate either away from your face or toward your face.

Having the layers point to your best feature, or softly framing your face is two easiest ways of wearing bangs with long hairstyles. Keep in mind that having long hairstyle also gives you the advantage of pinning it up and emphasizing the bangs for a totally different look.

Hairstyles with side bangs may sound like a food order, but they happen to be the most diverse as well as the most popular choice among hairstyles today. Side bangs can be either a fringe look, a chopped look, or simply layered. These hair bangs are most usually angled down the side of the hair, and swept away from the face, affording a breezy, tousled look.

Hot Bob Hair

Matisse Short Curly Bob

Matisse Short Curly Bob

Matisse channeled her inner Madonna with a bold bow hair accessory and short platinum curls.

Taraji P. Henson Bob

Taraji P. Henson Bob

Taraji showed off her signature bob while hitting the Hip Hop Honors Awards.

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