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Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Affalterbach Edition

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Affalterbach Edition

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Affalterbach Edition

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is actually an absolutely stunning piece of vehicle. Now, the Canadian market will get a special edition of this Mercedes AMG atom bomb for themselves. Thi car is dubbed as the Affalterbach Edition, taken from the German town where AMG’s skunkworks reside. The car wears a unique Magno Allanite Grey paint which is accented with the red brake calipers.

It has 19 inch black alloy wheels, a subtle lip spoiler, and carbon fiber mirror shells. There is no tweaks on the C63′s powertrain, but this Affalterbach edition will come standard with the optimal AMG Performance Package. It means that ther will be 481 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. The car could reach 62 miles per hour in only 4.4 seconds.

For the interior, Affalterbach treatmen will include some features like the AMG sport seats in Nappa leather, red contrast stitching, a special edition logo throughout the cabin, and carbon fiber trim. There will be only 30 units that will be sold in Canada, and the price will start from $ 82,500 Canadian when it come in the spring.

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Land Rover Unveiled X-Tech Defender

Land Rover Unveiled X-Tech Defender

Maybe the military prowess of the Belgian is not much known compared with their beer and waffles. But Brussels is also the seat of North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO. NATO was an organization which was established as a united front to fight the Communist bloc, and still stands today as one of the most formidable nations alliances. This is why Belgium is a perfect place to launch the paramilitary type vehicle from Land Rover, the X-Tech Limited Edition.

This vehicle will be as though as a Hummer or Jeep, as the X-Tech is based on the Land Rover Defender. It is one of the most rock solid rock crawlers that ever devised. The car is available in either silver with three door defender 90 form, on in olive green with five door defender 110 long. Both offset by black roof, wheel arches, new sawtooth alloys, and interior.

This is actually not a big upgrade to the standard model, but I thikn this is enough to give it the attitudes it deserves. Land Rover X-Tech was announced at the Brussels Motorshow. It is unfortunately unavailable for the North American Market.

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Chevrolet Provides Driving School For Corvette’s Buyer

Chevrolet Provides Driving School For Corvette's Buyer

Today’s auto industry is very impressive, and we might say that we live in the best perod of automotive innovation and power. Carmakers are turning any four cylinder engines for more horsepowe and torque, so than the V8 engines which comes just two decades ago and eight pots the boast fuel economy numbers, just like their dyno charts.

But as people says, great power will also comes withgreat responsibility. Maybe that is the reason for General Motors to offering all Corvette buyers a chance to learn abouth how to get their machines all-out. GM is giving away vouchers to both of the company’s Corvette Driving School for a limited time. It will be given to anyone who buys any model of the new Corvette.

Typically, this free driving schools offering are only come to those who lay down their money for the mighty ZR1. But for this limited time, the General Motors is expanding it for Coupe, Convertible, Z06, ZR1, and Grand Sport buyers to go on the company’s dime. The schools will be done in the Bob Bondurant school in Phoenix, Arizona and Ron Fellows school in Las Vegas, Arizona.

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Small Car Will Be Important In The Future

Small Car Will Be Important In The Future

Today, small cars is not too famous compared to the luxury car. People still don’t want them, don’t want to pay th higher price, they still think they don’t need it as gas is still cheap, and they think that small cars are less safe in crashes. However, the federal rules said that the industry’s products must reach 35.5 miles per gallon in 2016, and might boost to 62 mpg in 2025.

Because of that, the parade for small car begins. A theme to get-small was widely shown in the North American International Auto Show this week, at the Los Angeles auto show last November, and the line of small cars arriving in many America’s dealer showrooms. The automakers are sinking billions of dollars to produce small car, and they hope that buyers will welcome it.

Rebecca Lindland from ranking industry expert at IHS Global Automotive says, “I’m a little concerned that nobody’s talking about the consumers and what they wants.” She also added that her research shows people like big cars, and they are going to keep buying them as long as gas is still relatively cheap. They are don’t wanna look like the European with the tiny car anytime soon.

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BMW Thieves On Detroit Auto Show

BMW Thieves On Detroit Auto Show

Two Thieves has succeeded to drove away a brand new BMW 750i xDrive Sedan which costs $ 94,000 on Wednesday night. The car was left idling outside the Westin Book Cadillac. It is one of major hotels in Detroit. The carmakers are indeed hoping that people will find their next car in this auto show, but it is exactly not what they meant.

The car was including in one of more than a dozen of sedans from BMW to bring the executives and guests around the town during the auto show. On Thursday morning, the police said that they were still looking for this ray four door BMW. The police said that the car was dropped off by a valet to be loaded onto a transport truck. The original plan is to bring the car back to BMW’s North American headquarters in New Jersey. But suddenly two men jumped into this luxury car ad drove it away.

However although they have lost one of their hottest car in this event, The company which also featured its glitzy 650i convertible on the auto show said that they will remains commited to this event. Stacy Morris, the BMW spokeswoman even just called it as an unfortunate incident.

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